Storm & Sanitary Sewer Collection Systems

For more than twenty (20) years, NCI has provided water management services and earned the trust of many valued clients. NCI’s water management comprehension and proficiency has evolved from our successful performances on a variety of projects. With experience and expertise in planning, design, construction, operation, maintenance and management aspects of water supply, storm water, and wastewater projects. NCI can help you meet all of your water system needs.

We specialize in the determination of the existing sanitary sewer’s capacity, capability, deficiencies, and future requirements and the development of alternatives (with cost analyses) to correct existing needs.

We develop plans and specifications for storm drainage conveyance systems including pipes, channels, outlet protection, and bridge sizing.

Our team provides complete management services, including quantity and quality compliance, of excessive runoff resulting from precipitation events.


Take your project from concept through completion.

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