Northwest Consultants, Inc. was responsible for the design, and plan preparation for the rehabilitation of the deficient structure on Woodman Drive over Little Beaver Creek in Kettering, Ohio. During the 2017 bridge safety inspection the County found several severely deteriorated prestressed concrete box beams that mandated significant load reductions for the bridge. NCI and the County worked together in order to complete the project in time for bidding in early 2018, allowing a contractor to begin rehabilitation as soon as funds became available July 1, 2018.

The primary focus of this project was to replace the deficient non-composite prestressed box beam superstructure. A new reinforced concrete slab superstructure was selected in order to improve durability. Existing expansion joints were eliminated by converting the ends of the bridge to semi-integral, installing new approach slabs, and utilizing the existing substructure. Unique details were generated to ensure the new semi-integral backwalls did not conflict with the existing turnback wingwalls to remain. The new superstructure eliminated the existing slot drains located along the curb lines. Spread calculations were performed that determined a new set of catch basins should be installed on the north side of the structure. Utility coordination involved working with the gas company to remove their line attached to the bridge prior to construction. Right-of-way plans and descriptions were prepared detailing four temporary parcels.

CLIENT: The Montgomery County Engineer

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