This project involved survey and design for a neighborhood maintenance improvement and enhancement project involving the streets of Vinnedge Avenue, Walter Avenue, Fairfield Avenue, and Anthony Wayne Avenue. These streets were originally designed as concrete streets in the late 1950’s, but over the last 50+ years, the street and concrete gutter were overlaid with asphalt multiple times. NCI was responsible for establishing horizontal and vertical control points from known City Coordinates, conducting a complete topographical survey, and performing pipe survey of the existing storm sewers. Survey also included a property pin search to reestablish the existing right-of-way. The project included new curb and gutter, new concrete drive aprons, existing concrete base repairs and new asphalt pavement. The paving included an intermediate and surface course as well as a pavement interlayer, Truepave, a non-woven composite consisting of fiberglass and polyester fibers. New ADA compliant curb ramps were also constructed at all the intersections. All of the improvements were designed to be within the existing right-of-way.

CLIENT: The City of Fairfield

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