This project involved the survey and the design for a culvert extension on Seward Road in Fairfield. Survey work included establishing horizontal and vertical control points from known City coordinates; conducting a complete topographical survey; performing a pipe survey for the existing storm sewer; and assessing the size and condition of the existing structure. Survey also included a property pin search to reestablish the existing right-of-way and roadway centerline.

The existing structure conveys the Miami-Erie Historic Canal beneath Seward Road just south of Mill Creek. It is a two-barrel structural plate corrugated metal pipe (CMP) arch. It had previously been extended from both ends, using a similar sized CMP arch to the east and using concrete masonry units (CMU) to the west. The CMU comprising the west barrel extension was beginning to deteriorate and the CMU headwall was beginning to displace. A new CMP arch was designed to be inserted into the existing square CMU extension and the void areas were grouted closed. The structure was extended farther to the west so that a wider clear width over the pipes could be provided. This was desired by the city so that the three-lane pavement section occurring on Seward Road to the south could be propagated over the structure in the future if warranted. A new cast-in-place concrete headwall was designed for the new western end of the pipe. The widened area over the pipes was seeded and new guardrail was placed at an offset that would accommodate the potential future widening.

CLIENT: The City of Fairfield

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