NCI performed survey, analysis, and design services to the City of Hamilton for the Overflow 022 SSO Elimination project. Our intent was to collect adequate information to determine alternate configurations for feasibility, practicality and cost prior to developing detailed design drawings for construction. Overflow 022 sanitary service areas are located in the Western and Kenworth Avenues portion of the City. Some of these sewers are in excess of 100 years old and are prone to surcharging, resulting in basement backups. In response to this issue, the City installed sanitary sewer overflows to lower the hydraulic grade line in an effort to eliminate such backups. Our design was created in an effort to comply with the OEPA Director’s Final Findings and Orders to eliminate the SSO located at the intersection of Western Avenue and Kenworth Avenue, reduce the likelihood of basement backups in the residential areas along McKinley Avenue and Western Avenue.

CLIENT: City of Hamilton

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