This project involved the survey and design for improvements on North Gilmore Road in Fairfield. The survey for this project involved establishing horizontal and vertical control points from known City coordinates; conducting a complete topographical survey; and performing a comprehensive pipe survey for the storm sewers. Survey also included a property pin search to reestablish the existing right-of-way and centerlines of right of ways.

The roadway was widened to accommodate a center left turn lane south of the railroad tracks and additional width for wider shoulders north of the railroad tracks. Furthermore, the vertical profile was improved at the at grade railroad crossing. Storm sewer facilities were designed (size, grade and location) to eliminate existing drainage problems near the southern end of the project. NCI also reviewed potential utility conflicts with the City and submitted plans, as necessary, to utility companies and agencies for their review. If conflicts were identified and verified, NCI provided recommended solution(s) to the City, and upon approval, revised the plans as necessary to show the approved solution. NCI resolved all review comments and made any changes necessary to obtain approval of detailed plans by the City. NCI also prepared survey plats and legal descriptions for those areas of improvement that fell outside of the existing right-of-way.

CLIENT: The City of Fairfield

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