This project involved the survey, design, and preparation of plans for the replacement of the deficient concrete slab bridge on Taylor Road over Otter Creek in the City of Oregon, Ohio. This project was part of ODOT’s Ohio Bridge Partnership Program, and utilized the design-build delivery process. A detour route was prepared which allowed the structure to be built in one stage and minimized construction duration.

The new structure was a reinforced concrete 3-sided flat-top culvert with a span of 28’-0” and a rise of 6’-7”. The skew of the crossing was adjusted from the existing 25 degrees to 30 degrees, including skewing the culvert sections in order to make the ends parallel to the roadway and keep the project inside the existing right-of-way. The span was lengthened from 20’-8” to 28’-0’ so the hydraulic opening was more closely aligned with otter Creek. The increased span length improved hydraulic performance over the existing structure. The larger opening also reduced calculated maximum scour depths to less than 1 foot, allowing spread footings be utilized to support the culvert sections. Using this option saved time and money over various cast-in-place alternatives with deep foundations.

CLIENT: Vernon Nagel, Inc./ The Ohio Department of Transportation District 2

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