NCI, as a subconsultant to DGL Consulting Engineers, was contracted to design a wastewater lagoon for the storage of on-site generated industrial wastes associates with the cleaning and storage of salt from the maintenance trucks. The salt wash runoff associated with cleaning maintenance trucks during salt application months was adversely affecting the leach system. To correct the problem, the OEPA and ODOT collaborated on this project to install the necessary infrastructure to separate out salt wash inflow from the septic system to an above ground wastewater storage lagoon where the material could be salvaged and diluted as necessary for roadway application as brine pre-treatment prior to snow and ice events.

NCI conducted a field survey of the site including utility identifications as well as the survey of an adjacent off-site unnamed stream. Following the survey, detailed wastewater calculations were generated to simulate the annual quantity of wastewater to be expected from the garage’s salt wash operations which would be used to size the lagoon. In addition, the lagoon must also be able to store the storm water runoff associated with a 25-year rainfall event. The final product produced a clay-lined lagoon with a maximum storage capacity of over 30,000 cubic feet.

CLIENT: DGL/Ohio Department of Transportation

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